Rhinestones, Sequins, & Glass


Glitz and Glamour with elegance and style!

Our Rhinestones and Sequins are currently offered in 4 sizes

and seasonal color collections.



        Sizes - 3, 4, 5, and 6mm. 

        White Opaque Daisies

        Gold, Silver, Red, Green, Black, Aurora, White Opaque

Sequins - the icon of glamour and fantasy are a fabulous design element for needlepoint embellishment! Definitely indispensable for Holiday designs, sequins are extremely versatile. How about a stunning sequined evening gown, a fantasy fur coat for an exceptional puppy, and an interesting background for a funky chicken!

Available in a wide variety of colors, sizes and finishes, sequins are terrific for special effects and imaginative embellishment. An inexpensive, light alternative when a crystal would just be too much!

At EmbellishmentsPlus! our sequins are couture quality - you could find them on a high end designer garment! Made in the USA.


Our rhinestones are imported from Europe from the heart of what was once called Bohemia, where the best rhinestones are produced for couture applications.

        12,20,30,40ss plus 3mm, 4mm squares

        Color availability varies by size.  We are happy to add colors dependent on availability in each size.

        Current colors: Crystal, Black, Lt Red, Dk Red, Green, Topaz,  Lime, Orange, Bright Orange, Purple, Lime,

Available Rhinestone colors accent two of the most popular themes in your canvas collections -  Christmas and Halloween Designs. We are pleased to add colors as requested.

Facetted Glass Beads:

The addition of beads to needlepoint provides a play of light and texture. The advantage of a stitched application allows for movement and placement where glued items would not work.

When the bead is used to imply the existence of an object - lights, ornaments, jewelry, etc, a bead with more presence than a seed is desirable.

Fire polished beads provide the sparkle to imply lights, jewels, stars, - the possibilities are endless!

When the quality of the embellishment meets the quality of the work, the result is amazing!      

Facetted glass in three sizes, 2, 3, and 4mm, from the heart of the European glass market. Excellent for sparkle when a stitched application is preferred.

        Color availability can vary by size and include Crystal, Red, Green, Topaz, Cobalt Blue, Black, Gold, Orange, Lime, Leaf Green, Sky Blue, and Silver

Glass Pearls:

Glass pearls provide a surface texture different than that of any other thread or embellishment. Satiny smooth, yet reflective, glass pearls add elegance to finished work.

The elegance of pearls with the convenience of glass. These high quality glass pearls offer consistency, variety, and great colors.

3 and 4mm, and DOTS!

The unparalleled quality of European glass raises the level of the finished canvas to fine art.

All items are packaged 3 hanging tubes/size/color.

Quantity of product varies by size.