Anything and everything you need to embellish needlework!

There’s been a magnificent change in needlework the last few years...

With the availability of new threads, creativity and imagination have been unleashed! 
We’re not putting a lid on this box Pandora! 
We won’t be revisiting the old days of just stitching - now we are embellishing!
EmbellishmentsPlus! offers the products you need in the put ups suitable for needlework.

Why send your customers elsewhere when
You can offer it all!


    A Little Glitz

  Rhinestones, Sequins, Glass


    Laying Tools & Scissors


    For the Fun of it!

    Needle Minders

    For the Fun of it!

    Metal Accents

    Detail and Texture


    Glues & Tools

   Seed Beads

   Indispensable Basics

Wholesale to Brick & Mortar Only

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